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The Golf Club

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Thailand 20150.

Email: pattaya4golf@gmail.com

Jul 29




The Golf Club requires the removal of Golf Club Bags and equipment currently stored in the stairwells and landings upstairs above the Golf Club. If you have belongings there please email in detail to identify your gear so that it may be tagged and moved to the top floor of the Golf Club. It may then be removed upon your return to Thailand.


The Golf Club wishes to wash the walls of the stairwells and landings then paint this area. These belongings have become an OH &S issue together with being a fire hazard. This equipment has become an eyesore for the tenants occupying the rooms above the restaurant.


The time frame for this request is the next month August. All belongings not identified by September 1st will be disposed of (one way or the other).


For anyone wanting a locker there are a small number available. You may make this request in your email.


The Golf Club Bar and Grill apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

Jul 29

Hi John and Phil,

All my equipment is in the USA right now but I was hoping to rent a locker for my return to The Golf Club in October.

If there is reservation list for lockers please put my on it.

Hope all is well in Pattaya,



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  • Well Monday was a holiday for Thailand and consequently the price went up without saying it is high season, and just to mention not all courses have increased prices. Green Valley Monday presented well. The greens had just been dusted without work on the surface, we need some rain during the week to settle and wash in the sand. They still rolled fast just the look wasn’t there. Yui Birch THA and Mick Beresford both had 40 points. Mick thought it was fancy dress and came as a lime tree Thierry Danzos 38 points off 18 Project Smile near pin Mark Wood, missed the putt 10.00 am tee time for Pattavia Century Tuesday . The course is in good nick. They must have been receiving their share of the rainfall, the course was green, the greens hard and playable (not too fast). The excitement for the day was Dan Dietz finding a cobra in the rough while looking for his ball on the first to the right-hand side. When we heard his caddie scream the group thought he was getting lucky but it was the snake. Bob Catlow AUS 39 points off 19 Robbie Taylor AUS 36 points off 14 (he is always in the money here) and Project Smile near pin four guys with 35 points, Ken Grimes, Kim Scadden, Bill Meader and of course Dan Dietz Just another perfect day at Greenwood. The presentation was beyond criticism. The fairways just perfect, it looked just like the surrounds were mowed Thursday morning and the greens rolled fast and true. The weather was sunny with a slight breeze. Tee time of 11.00 saw the van leave at 10.00am and arrive 45 minutes later. Coming home is just about an hour due to heavier traffic in Pattana and some road works (what a surprise). Dan Dietz 42 points off 12 Mark Wood 39 points off 12 also Kim Scadden 35 points off 20 Captain Project Smile near pin, missed the putt (Bad caddie) Finished the week at Treasure Hill . The weather warm and windy. Two vans and two cars with locals for the day. The course is in good nick. I think the grass on the fairways is improving, the greens were hard and fast. Only two guys in the world could play these greens, Ken Aihara and Brad Faxon. Tom Portelli 43 points off 30 Robbie Taylor 40 points off 13 (in good form this week) Blake Hanna 31 points Project Smile near pin Gary Lawson Captain
  • First day into the official high season. Prices went up for Green Valley Monday . Sunday, they had heavy rainfall which the course welcomed. It was really freshened up. The fairways were in great condition and the surrounds to the greens looked even better, maybe they were cut early in the morning. The bar had 4 groups with some early locals playing early, this is normal for Monday. The English were sooking about losing the rugby and as life goes Shier and Woods were beaten in the local Ryder Cup by Dietz and Burns (win to the US team). JP Thomas THA 41 points off 20 beat the field by 4 Jay Burns US 37 points 37 points off 2 (a real player) Mick Beresford UK 36 points off 14 Project Smile near pin Terry Danzos, missed the putt Another late morning start successful. Most punters enjoyed a few beverages the night before which was reflected in the scoring. A full van for Khao Kheow for Tuesday. The ride there a little longer due to some road works on 7. Coming home at dusk finds Pattaya busy as locals are going home from work. We played B & C from the front tee in that order. The course was in great order with the greens perfect and fast. Dan Dietz US 37 points off 10 David Heller CAN 33 points off 28 for his first collect Steve Sweeney AUS 31 points off 18 Project Smile near pin Blake Hanna CAN, missed the putt, welcome back for another stay of 4 months Millionaire golf for Thursday Eastern Star. Another late start with good numbers and a few locals. Steve Snelgrove is back in town and with Dan Dietz whipped the UK contingent. Great weather, even warmish with storms in the foreground for the last couple of holes. The procedure for booking golf is the day before we played someone from the course phones to confirm the booking and check numbers. Well that happened Wednesday so when I checked price they wanted to bump us by 700bht for high season. I make bookings the first week of one month for the next. She made us pay an extra 100bht on the day. TIT Peter Petterssen ICE 38 points off 6 Dan Dietz US 36 points off 10 and three guys with 35 points, Rob Taylor AUS Saito JPN and Mike Jenkin UK The Project Smile near pin Steve Sweeney AUS, missed the putt Finished the week off at Parichat Links . They have given us reduced prices for December, just above low season prices. One van, three groups and played in just over 3 hours. As previously mentioned the course continues to improve. Kris K is in town and played Parichat for the first time. He said very playable but you need to work out distances with shots. He flies home on the weekend. Thank you for your support. Two with 34 points, Captain and Kris K THA/US off 10 Wayne (Macca) McKenna NZ 33 points off 13 and Project Smile near pin Captain
  • Fantastic start for the week. Monthly Medal Green Valley , great weather and condition. The course played tough Monday. Only one of the field beat their handicap. For most of the day was overcast. I played in the last group, the weather began to be a little warmer on the 17th. All groups finished stroke play in less than 4 hours. No hold ups. Net 71 Dan Dietz off 10, first monthly medal, very neat and tidy round. three with net 73, Gary Emmett AUS, JP Thomas THA and Bill Meader US of course the American guys were all very excited having just seen Tiger win just before the van left. Project Smile near pin, Steve Sweeney, finished the hole with a bogey Another perfect day of golf. Late tee time 12.00, played Pattana Tuesday with a reduced price. We played A & B from the front tee, which is still 6200 approx. For the low handicapped players some par 3’s and long and difficult without a shot and on the other hand short par 4’s with a shot. Well that’s golf I suppose. Only one of a dozen beat their handicap. Roydon Allnut NZ 37 points off 22, still soaking about losing the rugby Frank Tordeau 32 points off 13 back in town for a few weeks Glen Byrnes AUS 30 points off 26 Project Smile near pin Geoff Tordoff UK, yes made the putt and bragging about the rugby Thursday the worst day for months. Treasure Hill . Had three groups of locals in front of our groups. No idea of golf etiquette. No idea that the first rule of etiquette is slow play. Five hours plus.Not a Marshall to be seen. Even my caddie wrote a note on the reverse side of her report sheet she was so embarrassed and lack of control. Mark Wood 33 points off 12 two guys with 32 Dan Dietz and Bob Catlow Project Smile near pin Ken Grimes, missed the putt Finished the week off at Greenwood. Played B &C, course presented well. Played in overcast conditions with a slight breeze. Within the last week or two the greens have had some light sanding. They rolled beautifully. Mike Jenkins UK 38 points off 18 and Project Smile near pin, missed the putt Rob Lea AUS 37 points off 22 and don’t you just know it, Dan Dietz US 34 points off 10 Captain