Steak Nights

Steaks, Chops, Cutlets, Ribs & Chicken on the BBQ

Please join us for our famous Steak Nights, every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, rain or shine. We personally hand select the finest cuts from the herd of Khun Pong up in the north country in Kanchanaburi Province. Mr. Pong has a crossbred herd of Thai and French cattle breeds for unsurpassed taste and texture. Our meat is grilled and hickory smoked on our barbeque for a taste you will love.


From the end cut of the tenderloin where the T-Bone leaves off and the Porterhouse cut begins. A superb cut of meat that is the best of both worlds. ฿795

Fillet Steak

Tender selection that is an all meat boneless loin cut . This King of cuts is a great steak. ฿750

Petit Fillet

A smaller cut of filet for the lighter meal. ฿595

Pork Chop

Tender and juicy local chop with a light marinade. An excellent example of fresh Thailand pork. ฿395

Clubhouse Ribs

Beer boiled in Chang for 90 minutes these tender pork ribs have a beautiful deep barbecue flavour . A double short rack with our b-b-q sauce on the side. ฿395

Surf & Turf

A petit filet steak accompanied by 5 large sautéed prawns in a butter and garlic sauce. ฿695

Surf & Turf XL

Our large filet steak with 7 large sautéed prawns in a butter and garlic sauce. ฿895


A generous 400g - 14oz hand rubbed Aussie cut from prime rib section, beautifully marbelled and juicy. ฿695

Sirloin Strip

Our pasture fed 12oz Sirloin Steak of 300g classic cut that now joins our regular menu. ฿595

Fillet Mignon

Bacon wrapped, butter topped tenderloin of 300g - 10 oz, just the right size to start the night. ฿650

Lamb Cutlets

3 tender and juicy shortloins, light marinade, Australian lamb at its best with mint sauce. 2 die 4! ฿595

Mixed Grill

1 Rib Rack, 1 Lamb Shortloin and a 200g Fillet Steak to round out a great combination dinner. ฿895

Salmon Steak

270 g - 9 0z Norwegian salmon with a light marinade chargrilled on the Webber to perfection. ฿450

Two Large Breasts

What could be nicer than 2 large breasts? Here's a delightful pairing of smokin' hot, succulent boneless breastesses for tonight's dining. ฿350

All Steak Night dinners include our Help Yourself Clubhouse Salad Bar! Real Caesar Salad or Mixed Salad with House Salad Dressings: Japanese Roast - 1000 Island - Classic Caesar - House Vinegarette


  Choice of Potato: Baked, Mash, Roasted, French fries or English Chips


Choice of Veggies: Fresh Mixed Vegetables, Brussels Sprouts or Corn on the Cob

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